Ancol Ocean Ecopark is a park with 33.6 hectares large. Visitor could see many kind of flora since this park is home for ten thousand trees. That amount of trees are included various tropical trees such as Casuarina equisetifolia, Albizia Zaman, Swietinia Mahagoni, and several rare plants. There is an information board  embedded on each plant or tree to give information for visitor about plant name and other general information.


Ancol Ocean Ecopark divided into four sectors. First is Eco-Care, a place to make visitor be more care to 
environment. The next is Eco-Nature, a nice place for visitor to observe the beauty of nature and the 
cuteness of tame animals. At Eco-Art, visitor will be closer to art and culture. The last is Eco-Energy, a 
place to introduce energy conservation and the newest energy resource. In that area, there also Eco-Island, a lake with small island inside which is a home for various animals. This small island is a home for pelican, pigeon, cassowary, wild duck, deer, macaque, and many more.


Ancol Ocean Ecopark is suitable place for outdoor activities. There are two tracks for visitor to get around the park. First track is for pedestrian.  Second track with 2 KM long is for vehicles such as bicycle, segway, and buggy car. Visitor could rent a fun boat cruiser to get around the lake. This ecopark provides facilities for outbound, eco-boat, and forest camping. There also paintball arena which divided into several forest zones. If visitor want to see greenery from the height, they could try to climb up lookout tower.

Ancol Ocean Ecopark also educates the visitor through Fantastic Magic Fountain Show. This night show is using advanced technology in its  performance. Setting for this show is a castle in the middle of the lake while  background story is Timun Mas and Buto Ijo legend. This popular legend is performed through musical theater with one hour duration. Visitor could try other educational program in Learning Farm area. Visitors and their  children could learn about farming and cattle feeding in this area.