A number of wildlife activities and tours are available at Way Kambas National Park, as follows: 


Dawn bird walk/bike ride

Our Bird Guide will accompany you on bird walks in the area near the park and can identify all the local species of birds. Walking will be in the field/park interface or along the road to Way Kambas on the park edge.  Bicycling is along the road to the fire protection lookout tower.  It has been found that these are the best areas to see the colourfull array of local birds. 
Departs 06:00, duration 2 hours.

Evening spotlight walk 

Our Bird Guide will accompany you with a light.  You will walk into the fields and to the forest edge.  You will see owls, nightjars, frogmouths and frogs.  Some nights mammals such as mongoose, civet, deer and pigs can be seen.   
Departs 18:30, duration 2 hours.


Rawa Gajah (Elephant Swamp)

Two Rangers and the Bird Guide will accompany you on a walking tour from the Way Kanan base in the National Park to the wetlands (habitat of the endangered and endemic white-winged wood duck) for spectacular bird and wildlife viewing. 
Departs 05:00, duration 5 – 6 hours.


Join the Patrol

You can experience patrolling with the Elephant, accompanied by the mahout on a nature appreciation track, observing birds and butterflies.  You will see your Elephant brought in from the tether field, bathed and saddled.  On return, you feed two coconuts to your Elephant and purchase more food from the stalls if you wish.  Elephant rides are strongly encouraged due to the dual benefit to the Elephant of exercise and the opportunity to browse in the forest.  Comfortable Elephant-friendly saddles are provided.  You are encouraged to ask your mahout about your Elephant and to interact kindly with it.  Your payment and participation will contribute to the welfare of the Elephants.  
Departs 08:00 by car, duration 3 hours.

Full-Day Wildlife viewing by boat

In this tour you will be driven to Way Kanan; then you will cruise downriver by Park skiff towards the sea with the forest on either side. It is usual to see Siamang Gibbon, Long-Tailed Macaque, Pig-Tailed Macaque, and Black Leaf Monkey.  If you are very lucky you will see wild Elephants, Rhino, Tapir, Tiger, Deer, Wild Pig and Crocodile.   You will see a large variety of birds especially King Fishers and Hornbills.  Close to the coast, you will see many Raptors and the fishing village.  You will return for an exciting afternoon of primate watching along the river and look out for wildlife along the road after dark.  You will be accompanied by boat Driver and Ranger.  Departs 09:00 (or according to wishes), duration 9 hours, includes lunch on the
beach, coffee or tea.

Half-Day Wildlife viewing by boat.

Dawn or dusk is recommended for the best wildlife viewing along the river to Kalibiru, halfway to the coast on the Way Kanan.  You will be accompanied by a Ranger and boat Driver.   
Departs 06:00 or 15:00, duration 4 hours, tea or coffee included.

Long Park Walks/Patrol

Longer walks in the park can be organized through the authorities but they need some warning.


*) Longer itinerary can be operated on request


* Arrive at Jakarta Airport
* Short transfer to 3-4* hotel near the airport.

Transfer to the airport for a short flight to Bandar Lampung in the southern part of Sumatra.
08:00 Landing in Tanjung Karang airport of Bandar Lampung
08:30 Meet and greet at the airport and directly drive to Way Kambas for around 3 – 3.5 hours drive.
12:00 Arrive at Way Kambas National Park. Check-in at the Ecolodge
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch served at the lodge’s restaurant
13:45 Short drive for around 9 km to the Way Kambas Elephant Training Centre where you will be assigned a mahout and
an Elephant. Remember to take some sugar cane from the Lodge garden to give to your Elephant to cement your relationship. You proceed for a ride in the forest (30 - 60 minutes according to your taste). You can observe the activity of elephant training.
16:00 Back to the lodge
16:30 Rest and free program where you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and forest surrounding the lodge
19:00 Dinner
Overnight at the lodge

07:00 Early breakfast at the lodge
08:00 We will drive slowly for around 1 hour (13 km) to Way Kanan Station with a stop to see and hear the Siamang Gibbons calling. 
09:00 Arrive Way Kanan, you will then take a boat to Kalibiru (around 60 minutes). En route you can watch the wildlife along the riverside
10:00 Arrive Kalibiru you proceed on a fascinating walk either to a game viewing platform or to Rawa Gajah, a swamp area where often Elephants are seen for a total of 4 hours on an easy flat trail. You can also use the boat (if you don’t want to walk for too long) to explore the river in order to see the wildlife. Depending on the season, this area is grassland or under waist-deep water. Sambar deer, wild pig, binturong, and the endangered white-winged wood duck have been seen here. The trail often shows scats, pug marks and tree scratching of Tigers. This makes the trip really exciting. Picnic lunch provided.
14:00 Boating back to Way Kanan
15:00 Drive back to the lodge
16:30 Rest and free program where you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and forest surrounding the lodge
19:00 Dinner
Overnight at the lodge

06:00 Early morning you can explore the areas around the lodge for birding
08:00 Breakfast at the lodge.
08:00 - 12:00: Free program for rest and relax
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch served at the lodge’s restaurant and then packing up
14:00 Check out and departure to the airport
16:30 Arrive at the airport for flight to Jakarta Check-in at a hotel near Jakarta airport Evening free.